2019 New Years Resolution | The Year I Finish My Weekend Bloft

2019 New Years Resolution | The Year I Finish My Weekend Bloft

January 7, 2019 0 By JD

It was supposed to be my Man Cave, the place I got to go get away from the overabundance of estrogen in my household.  But, I’m thinking the term ‘Man Cave’ actually requires the man, to hang out in it.  However, doing so requires idle time, which unfortunately hasn’t been in abundance for the last year or so.  With a busy work schedule; a sick father, an 8 Year-olds busy social schedule, Tenants, Honey-do-lists, Treasurer of my local Rotary Chapter, the completion of my Man Cave; well it’s been placed on the back burner.

www.hipsterfinance.com/starthereI like to refer to my Man Cave as a Bloft, or ‘Barn Loft’.  I just didn’t think ‘Man Cave’, which is often times arrived at by descending a flight of stairs, was a good representation of the place I was going to get to hang out in.  Sharing the space with my Kubota Tractor, lawn mower, tools, and other farm implements caused me to rethink the whole ‘Man Cave’ term, not to mention the structure is located in my barn.

The nearly 2-year construction project of my Bloft will be complete sometime in 2019.  While I’m not at liberty to divulge a firm date, it will be this year.  Part of the reason for dragging it out so long is because it’s hard to justify time away from the aforementioned list in paragraph 1, to work on a project, that in all reality, I’ll spend little time in.

But, It’s real estate and with real estate come options, and I love options!

If it’s not a place I’ll get enough opportunities to down a diet coke with my feet resting on the ottoman, then perhaps I’ll change course by offering it to the community as a tiny house rental and generate some much needed income, for my mini real estate empire.

I can envision a tenant working and living in this space.  Perhaps the tenant has a car detailing company, or a landscaping business, this would be a great place to live and work.  And, for a couple grand each month, I’ll make that happen.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box, to get ahead.

www.hipsterfinance.com/starthereWhen I bought this 30 by 50 pole barn, it came with a partial dirt floor, cobwebs that could make Charlotte jealous, and kittens that seemingly multiplied.  First order of business was to find homes for the multiplying kittens, which I was able to do at the expense of lacerated hands and arms, do to their vehement disagreement with vacating the premises.

I suffered through my lacerations, licked my wounds and found each and every kitten a good home, a home that was more serene than the one they had before.

The previous owner used this space as a horse barn.  But, since I didn’t have horses, (and frankly refuse to ride anything with a heartbeat) I felt the dirt floor had to match the rest of the concrete.  I’m funny like that, I like consistency, at least with my barns.

www.hipsterfinance.com/starthereNext, I went to work on building shelves, the kind with the fortitude to hold copious amounts of my wife’s ‘no longer needed, but it may come back in style one day‘ household items.  There they sit, 6 years later.

In between the kitten wrangling and the beginning of the Bloft build, came replacing the garage door, adding an electronic opener, building a tool bench, investing in a freezer, and acquiring an old refrigerator that the Baptist Church was giving away.  www.hipsterfinance.com/starthere

Framing the Bloft

Because I have the uncanny ability to make right angles turn out wrong, I decided it better to hire the framing of my Bloft out.

Wise decision!

It was totally framed out in 3 days, while I was at my real job earning money.

But, due to the price of lumber at the time, it was not an inexpensive endeavor.  But, the framing contractor also had this window and a slick 2 panel wood door laying around his barn, just waiting for the perfect home.  Since I was in the market for a door and window, I negotiated them to be thrown in as part of the framing cost.

Setting a new electrical pole.

The pole barn was previously bootlegging electrical current from one of my rental property tenants.  It was only a couple lights, the fridge, and the freezer, but I knew I needed to get this changed.  So, I set up a separate electrical service when my electrician installed the new service panel.  Which meant the local utility company had to come in and set a new pole and run the wires from the street to the pole, and the pole to the barn.  After that $200 expense and the ongoing monthly electrical costs, the Bloft became an autonomous structure ready to be finished out, then maybe welcome a new kitten or two.

So, here we are, ready for the Bloft’s finishing touches.  All I need is to find the time in 2019 to complete it.  Then I can enjoy my diet cokes in comfort and solitude while my kittens do the yeoman’s work of keeping the barn free of mice and other small varmints.