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The Top Ten Articles I Read This Week On EARLY RETIREMENT

1.  Earlyretirementdude passes along some great advice from a wise and noble….Convict.  Yes, even convicts can impart good advice.  The wise convict says to the new naive inmate; “Get your routine down and stay away from the wrong people and don’t waste your time”.  Structure is important, even in the horrible hell hole known as…

By JD December 14, 2018 4

Prison Reform, Meet The Manufacturing Industry.

While at my Rotary Meeting last week the presenter (Jeff) was a very knowledgeable gentleman from the Auto Industry.  He discussed the struggles happening now, and what the future holds for the industry.  Though the U.S. is experiencing an economic boom of sorts, there are challenges the Auto Industry and manufacturing sector as a whole…

By JD December 7, 2018 0