Society Wants Us To Chase The Person With The Ball, I Say Chase Your Own ‘Ball’

Society Wants Us To Chase The Person With The Ball, I Say Chase Your Own ‘Ball’

November 23, 2018 0 By JD

Huh?  What is a title like that supposed to mean?  Let me explain…  While in the midst of flying halfway across the country, admiring the opacity of the ground below passing me by, I had an epiphany.  It wasn’t something as complex as, how can I solve the political divide in this country, or something as menial as what will my dress code be for my meeting in the morning.  It was something somewhere in the middle of those.  You see, I was having a mental boxing match about just how much time our kids spend consumed by sports involving the pursuit of an opponent, with a ball.  I know, its futile, but work with me here.

Many of our kids these days spend

an exorbitant amount of time and energy pursuing in some cases an unattainable goal.  A goal with a high propensity to burn out, a goal that in the end, could leave you with life-long physical ailments.  So, I asked myself, [since there was no one was in the seat next to me], Self; is it really worth all that?   I quickly answered well, I’m not sure.

I’m not suggesting we halt all organized sports, please don’t misunderstand me.  My beef is with the obsession, it’s with the fantasy of some day playing the sport for a living, making millions of dollars, the groupies, the fast cars, parties, the bling, you get my drift.

It ain’t happening

for the lion share of those young kids, we must prepare them for that reality. Let’s be honest, making it to the NFL is a long-shot, only 1 in 4233 will ever feel the roar of the crowd as they run down the stadium tunnel on a Sunday afternoon.  Instead let them obsess over something that offers better odds!

Like creating something useful,

Like solving a problem,

Like bettering people’s lives.

Imagine if kids were taught that building a ‘kid’ business, or helping the needy was cool.  Or, that becoming a superior mathematician could solve world hunger, simplify space travel, or create a successful stock trading algorithm.  Maybe the start of a vertical farming enterprise will be the beginning of solving world hunger.

Imagine, just imagine,

if kids were taught that there were no limits to the impact they can make on society.  None, nata, no matter who you are or where you came from.  Imagine if; instead of obsessing over playing ball, they obsessed over “their ball”.  “Their ball” is the one that offers them the brightest future, and “their ball”, while maybe not mainstream, is nevertheless groundbreaking, and cool.  “Their ball” can be their passion, and impact the world in profound ways.  That those kids chasing “their ball” are the hipster pioneers, they’re the leaders, they’re the ones everyone will eventually fawn all over!

Geez, that’s a bit unfair to the sporting community.  You sound like you object to organized sports, and see little value in kids playing them!

On the contrary,

I’m a huge fan of organized sports.  I’m certainly a fan of sports meant to promote a team effort, a child’s confidence, and overall success.  These are invaluable life lessons.  It’s the obsession of said sports, where I see us as a society, going awry.  It’s the opportunity cost children trade for sports, its the time lost which can never be recovered, it’s the false prophecy.

This is where parents and mentors can promote alternative viewpoints and give kids the reassurance to know that the math club, the chess club, the band, the tech club, are all cool, worthy activities!  Help your child figure out what “their ball” is and make it your priority to nurture, promote, and grow it.  The benefits will outweigh the costs, I promise!

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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.     

John F. Kennedy

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