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Ah, I Caught Ya….

Reading my blog, and….I didn’t have to use the same rusty hook I used on this fella!

So, since I have your attention, I’ll try my darnedest not to lose it…

My name is Jim, and I’m a 48 year-old kid at heart, whose hoping to retire in the next 10 years.  I’ve been a real estate investor since 2005, when I bought my first 4 family.  I’ve been a stock investor, since the early 1990′s, after I got my first “Real Job”.

I’ve always been rather thrifty, I had to be, because I grew up on ‘other side of the tracks’ in a family of 7.  You ate what was on your plate when dinner was served, and we constantly fought over the last bit of hamburger helper.  There were often times when I would find the business side of my older brothers fork, residing in my hamburger helper, and it was nights like this when I went to bed hungry.  Back then I was  hungry from a rumbling tummy, but thankfully, I made it through it.  Now, I’m hungry from a rumbling mind, thirsting for information about everything finance.

Why Hipster Finance?

Glad you asked…  Funny thing is, I wouldn’t consider myself HIP in terms of being aware of social trends or anything, I mean, I couldn’t tell you the name of the hottest television show, actor, or music band.  It’s also likely you would catch me in ‘threads’ considered out of date, (you mean acid washed Gap jeans with the pant legs rolled up is out of style?  When did that happen?) And, I certainly don’t eat at the trendiest restaurants or even drive a trendy car, unless an F150 is ‘trendy’.

From societies perspective I’m the antithesis of ‘Hip”.

But, to those who value the slow pace of life, the slow accumulation of wealth, living below your means, getting out of debt and staying debt free, I’m what you call a ‘hipster’.

A ‘hipster’ wants to be ‘in the know’ about a certain subculture.  My ‘subculture’ (if we can consider the never-ending drive toward financial independence a subculture) is why I would be considered a ‘hipster’.

I might even be considered a little boring,

but I’m okay with that.  When co-workers talk about what they did over the weekend, it’s doesn’t remind me of my weekend.  They laugh and think I’m CRAY CRAY when I tell them about what I did, but you know what, I’ve tried it their way, and it was simply; UNFULFILLING.

Now, I can be found, when not obsessing over finances, fishing (as seen above) hanging with my wife and 8 YO daughter, taking care of rental property, working at my farm trying to grow something, or using my tractor to move dirt from here to there.  But, man it’s totally ON FLEEK, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I consider myself Blessed and extremely lucky!

If you’re interested in my perspective, and learning more about investing ideas many may consider ‘off the beaten path‘, then get your acid washed jeans and your bomber jacket out of the closet and lets explore finances together.