The Top Ten Articles I Read This Week On EARLY RETIREMENT

The Top Ten Articles I Read This Week On EARLY RETIREMENT

December 14, 2018 4 By JD

1.  Earlyretirementdude passes along some great advice from a wise and noble….Convict.  Yes, even convicts can impart good advice.  The wise convict says to the new naive inmate; “Get your routine down and stay away from the wrong people and don’t waste your time”.  Structure is important, even in the horrible hell hole known as The Angola State Prison.

2.  If you wanna reminisce about the good ole days back when Milli Vinilli was lip-sinking their way to massive wealth, here’s a great one by routetoretire!

3.  Earlyretirementnow made the bold move of retiring at the top of the bull market.  They illustrate why they’re not losing, even a wink of sleep over their decision.  And I agree, their reasoning is solid; business confidence is still very strong, earnings are up, and they happen to be well diversified in real estate.

4.  I stumbled across this fabulous quote on retireearlyandtravel,   I’ve heard many a great financial quotes in my day, but somehow, I missed this doosy along the way.  Straight and to the point… “The people who get rich are they ones who are earning interest, not paying it“.  This is so true!  Essentially, those who pay interest are handing their money over to those who earn interest.

5.  1500days takes us on a stroll through their westward travel, complete with pictures of places like Moab, Las Vegas, and even the heart-stopping image of an onion, that happens to have a cheeseburger attached.  Don’t read this one on an empty stomach!

6.  Fritz at Retirementmanifesto talks about the first 60 days of retirement.  He talks candidly about what he anticipated life to be like before retiring, and then effectively contrasts that with what it’s really like today.  This is a must read for anyone looking to retire in the near future.

7.  Steve at thinksaveretire talks about what he’s learned after three years of retirement, which oh by the way, started when he was 35!  35, man I was just getting married and starting life back then!  Something to shoot for!  Steve always has great pictures of his travels, and his writing style is coherent and straight to the point, I love it!

8.  Put your listening cap on for this one.  This is a great Podcast interview by the Madfientist with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. 

The Madfientist and James Clear discuss developing good habits and getting and staying motivated.  It was interesting to hear James’ perspective on the impact of social interaction of writing weekly articles juxtposed with the lack of it when he wrote his book; Atomic Habits.  The value ‘social interaction’ provides to the FIRE movement is “off the charts”!

9.  A post near and dear to my investment heart comes from thegreenswan who makes a strong case for a total investment portfolio in nothing but equities.  Bold, that’s for sure.  But he defends his theory very well, and being the dollar cost average’r I am, I kinda agree with thegreenswan!

10.  And Lastly, but certainly not least, is one from financiallyalert.  In fact, I intentionally saved this one for the cherry-on-top pick because its a comprehensive synopsis of the entire FIRE movement.  So much great information in this post, such as; what’s the FIRE Community all about, FIRE investments in Real Estate, saving and investing.  What I found most motivating about Michael’s post is the subtle encouragement for those of us who are still seeking FI.  36 Years old and “retired”, I am humbled!

In closing, these are all fantastic bloggers, with great insight, and I look forward to following their journey from here on out.  I hope you too, will find the same value I’ve got from these posts, and make it your motivation to join the FIRE Movement..

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