Year in Review, My Top 18 investing Posts Of 2018

Year in Review, My Top 18 investing Posts Of 2018

December 31, 2018 0 By JD

As my last post of the year, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate a successful 2018 by paying homage to 18 of my favorite blog posts of the year.  Happy New Year!


For starters, passiveincomemd wrote this great post which is a compilation of 16 different ways to invest in real estate, and the plus’ and minus’ of each.  What a great post for those looking to learn more about Real Estate, thanks passiveincomemd!

Then, posted this innovative way of gauging the success of an investment.   How has it, or will it, improve your quality of life.

Since the current prices of many Cryptocurrencies are down compared to early in 2018, I thought this post by early20smoney was very timely. I truly believe in the future of Blockchain technology, and am so excited about the business opportunities being created by smart contracts.

Anyone not sure of the definition of ‘Rich’ and needs some perspective, should be required to read this post by The 7 money lessons about being rich, will make you question how you handle your relationship with money, I promise!

The wrote a great post about how to determine whether a stock is over or under-priced.  With the volitality happening right now in the market, I thought this one would help you with finding some stocks considered “on the sale rack”.

Wealthwelldone wrote a great post about how to become skilled in Real Estate and Equity Investing.  Because it really is an acquired skill.  Luck can only get you so far, this post will help you broaden your skills!

Drew over at the wrote a great post on the best investing advice he had ever received.  One word describes his epiphany…Information!

As a real estate investor myself, I really found so much value in this one from the Whitecoatinvestor.  I too, have talked with a number of seasoned Real Estate Investors, and asked what their biggest mistake was, and a number of them said, getting started too late and not buying enough properties.  So, If the numbers make sense, and the property will cash flow, jump on it!

David at Youngadultmoney wrote this post about investing when you’re in debt.  One thing about this post I found to be so valuable is the importance of an Emergency Fund.  You never know when a medical debt may pop up, or a family member needs cash.  My suggestion is to have, at the very least, 6 months salary saved in an emergency fund.

D is for Dollars wrote this post to shed light on some great ideas to make extra dough.  Some of these I’ve never even heard of, so if you’re looking for a side hustle, this is your post!

Sidehustlescrubs brings some needed perspective to the pursuit of FI.  Opportunity costs must be considered if you’re trying to leverage your time for higher pay.  There is a great quote that Sidehustlescrubs uses in this post, and I will always remember it. Comparison is the thief of joy”.–  Theodore Roosevelt

Gocurrycracker, one of the best names in the FIRE space for sure, posted this one about how boring investing is.  It’s true, if you’re buying index funds on auto-pilot, it can be rather boring.  That is, unless you find immense excitement in seeing your money grow over time, then index funds can be the most fun you’ve had with your clothes on!

Paula at Affordanything makes me so proud by taming the condescending-$2 Million is pennies in today’s world– Suze Orman in this great interview.  It’s a must read!

This one from Paula at budgetandthebeach was actually written in 2013, but I just found it so motivating to the new bloggers in the community.  Paula shows us how the sky is the limit with regard to side hustle income.  Way to shine Paula!

Mrsfrugalwoods so artfully explains the importance of eliminating money and time drains from your life in this great post. I just discovered their blog and being a weekend farmer myself, this one really peaked my interest!

Censiblyrich explains investing in penny stocks. This was a very informative post and it made me realize this is too risky for my investing stomach.

In this one, Ben at awaelthofcommonsense highlights a book I read and really enjoyed, plus his blog is tastefully done and very informative.

Last, but certainly not least, Evan at myjourneytomillions wrote this great post chocked full of great advice for building a rock solid investment strategy.

There are so many more incredible posts written in 2018, so forgive me if I’ve left yours off, I mean no disrespect!  I hope everyone has an incredible 2019, and is able to keep your blogging FIRE lit!

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